Textile Body Suits – My beginning Thoughts, Questions and Aims.

Whilst researching medical textiles, seeing how they have evolved throughout history and how they are applied to the human body i began to think how these textiles almost evolve the human system. Tricking it and reacting with it to heal and making it able to do actions and function different to what normally wouldn’t be possible.

I began to think outside of medical textiles and began to look at textiles that change the functions, change the human form and almost evolve the human body, allowing us as a race to take the next step and enhance our bodies to allow actions that are humanly impossible or hard to do. This is when i came to the conclusion that i would begin to look into textile body suits.

What has been developed?

What is out there right now?

How do they work?

How does it evolve the human form?

Perhaps the human form is used to create a different function? Perhaps this form can help do other function that help the other forms around them e.g.: heat rooms, play music, record memories, help with global warming, clean atmospheres?

What textiles are used?

How will this evolve the human form/race?

The possiblilties are endless. I will begin to look whats out there now looking into different designers, textiles and scientific discoveries and developments to support my research. I will also look further into some of the techniques used and experiment with some of them myself to see first hand how some of them work. I will also collect some of the textiles used to see first hand they’re functions and they’re advantages and disadvantages.



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