Construction of Knit. My own Textile Design Work.

I decided to do a little experiment with the traditional construction of textile knitting. Within the last lecture i briefly learnt about oversize knitting. However i began to think how knitting is usually constructed into one shape or form. I began to wonder whether i can use different shapes that i create through knitting and then knit them together like a knitted jigsaw puzzle therefore creating different shapes and forms of knitting. This shows a different way to construct the traditional technique of textiles which in this case is knitting.

I used a combination of hand knitting to create larges knits and a knitting machine to recreate finer knits. I also used the knitting machine to reconstruct the different shapes of the knits and knit them back together into different shapes.



These are the forms i created by constructing my knits by creating many different shapes and contructing them together.


Can look quite aesthetically pleasing showing many different colours and different textures

Allows you to add layering on top on the knitting therefore making the knit more 3D and add texture


Can look messy

Time consuming haveing to make separate pieces to then construct together

Material waste as having to cut off the excess material on the many different shapes used.

In conclusion even though the construction of this textile design pieces was a little different and interesting to the ‘traditional’ one shape one layered flat knit, however it is not sustainable due to it being more time consuming and creating further material waste.